Conservation of plants and animals.

Project plan
The project is designed keeping in mind  a topic relevant to all especially class viii students on Conservation of plants and animals. The  major topic planned to be dealt with is
Why there is need for conservation of plants and animals?
The work will be allotted to a team of five students each. They will be given time to collect information relating to the topic and time allotted during science periods wherein mentoring and guidance to facilitate and consolidate their work and they will be presenting their    topic with the help of charts, PPTs, skits, activities etc. This will help to develop their 21 centaury skills like self confidence, public speaking, observational skills, critical thinking, problem solving, team work etc.
Project scope
Students of class VIII
Subjects related-Science, English, Mathematics.
Student work will be mentored and guided so that work progresses in the right direction.

Essential question
What is deforestation and what is its importance in the present scenario? 
What is the need for conservation ?

How will you conserve plants and animals?

State the importance of conserving forest and wildlife.
How is Recycling and reforestation important?
Students of five will form a team. The team members will have mixed ability and skill sets. The team members will get an opportunity for interaction with peer group and also will develop skills of public speaking and self confidence.

Learning Environment
Team will be provided working space in junior science lab where they can have discussions. They will also have online research facility in the computer labs.Research notes will be converted to documents that the team will maintain.Team members will also collaborate via email with the teacher for any extra help after school hours.
The group members will present the particular topic which have been allotted to them covering the portion in their text book related to the project. There will be  a class discussions 
Class discussions and debates on the topics. where in the entire class may participate.
Formative assessment
Regular feed back and guidance as and when required will help the students in their final presentations.FA4 marks of 20 will be awarded to each student based on their individual performance.

Presentation  10
Content(extra information)
Self confidence

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