Project Based Learning
1.Project Plan

(1.1)The Define Phase: SYMMETRY-

Lines of symmetry in Polygons,Alphabets and in other objects,Rotational symmetry

1.Symmetry is an important geometrical concept, commonly exhibited in nature and is used almost in every field of activity.Artists,designers of clothing or jewellery,car manufacturers architects and many others make use of symmetry
2.Observe objects around them and identify types of symmetry in them.Collecting  pictures,taking photographs.
3.what is symmetry,different types of  symmetry(line symmetry,rotational symmetry

(1.12)Project Scope:
Class& Section:7 A
Students explore the possibilities of the use of ideas of symmetry in different fields in our daily life and also in nature
Gain knowledge about different types of lines of symmetry
Differentiate between lines of symmetry &Rotational symmetry.
Identify objects with reflection symmetry and objects with both lines of symmetry & Rotational symmetry.

(1.13) Curriculum and Standards:
            List the curriculum and standards this project with cover.


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